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I want to redecorate my bedroom. I've had the same yellow on my walls and my brothers old dinasaur curtains for as long as I can remember. I'm thinking about having a music/hollywood/popart theme, I have some popart pictures and some blank/fake records and cds. I was thinking about having black and silver as the colour sceme but then I thought that might make my room look tiny. I have a thimble collection, a postcard collection and a keyring collection but I dont know how to display them all without them looking strange in the theme I want for my room. I'm really stuck for what to do. Popart/music/hollywood is my main theme but i don't know how to make my room like that. I hope you can help!

Hello Steph,
Popart, music and Hollywood! and silver are the base colors.  So, if you have posters and the popart collection, which color works best to act as a neutral?

Here's a thought:  Design your room as if it were a mini-museum/art gallery.  Use your collections as the basis of the theme.

Why not cut your room in HALF on the horizontal?  Paint the bottom the accent color (found in predominant art and your collectibles) and the top half creamy art gallery white.  

Now you have an exciting two-tone theme that expands the eye upwards and enlarges the room.  The upper half will show off your art and collections and have a museum-art gallery affect.  

Lighting is crucial!  Visit a home center and check out the ceiling fixtures that have pendant lights.  The nickel and stainless steel look is perfect.  Make sure you focus on the lighting affects as this will make the room appear larger as well.

Make the bed a sitting area by adding lots of pillows and tucking it into a corner.  Paint wall and window trim  black and add black accents, like rugs etc, but small touches as the images will have black in them too.  Think out of the box as you continue to create your fantastic themed room!

Have fun and good luck!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID  

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