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I may be receiving a set of '60's-type creamy white French Provincial furniture with the gold painted accents.  My husband and I currently have an assortment of cherry and mahogany pieces of various styles, and my two young sons (that is, not frilly daughters) each have a mismatched hodgepodge of furniture.

My question is, can I make use of this pretty but dated furniture somehow?  Is this the only color that is appropriate for this style of furniture, and  would it look bizarre stained or painted another color?  I'm at a loss.  Can you help me with some ideas?  Thank you so much.


Thanks for your questions.

First of all, the style right now is all about ECLECTIC. This mean you could paint a french settee purple and stick it next to a whimsical white end table and put a green tray on it and people would think you went to school to be a designer. It is all about mixing and matching and painting right now and nothing is off limits.

My suggestion...paint the wood if you really do not like it and then have it recovered by a seamstress with a fabric you love. It will be you favorite piece in the house because it will be custom fitted with a fabric you like.

Have fun! As always, I encurage you to send pictures of your completed project to anytime.


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