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We just recently purchased a home that has light colored real wood white washed cabinets.  Is it possible to change the look and darken the color of these cabinets by applying a tinted glaze over the existing finishes or will it be necessary to strip all of the finishes and stains and start over.  What would you recommend??  Thanks!

Hi Lindy,

I would suggest you strip off all the stains and finishes and start all over again. The reason being that if you dont do this then the new polish would not hold on well with the present surface. Also with time when the new polish will start fading away then you furniture would look very shabby.

You can apply it on the present finish but then this wont be good for the long run, when you are getting such a makeover done then give it the best shot. You'll feel the difference yourself.

Suggestion: Make sure you wipe the furniture twice a day. You may not use any polish for that, just a dry wipe would do. It gives your furniture a long life

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