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Hello, I hope you can help me. I'm moving to South Carolina from Florida and want to know how to decorate my new room. I'm 11 right now but my mom doesn't want me to change my new room until I move out. I like colorful, but not too bright. Can you help me figure out how to decorate my room or give me ideas for where to get some themes? Thanks!

Hello Carly,

The best way to decorate a room when you know you can't change it for a long time is to keep the base light and neutral and then use curtains, textiles, pillows etc to really splash it up.

Thus, if your mother lets you paint your room I suggest a warm white colour for the walls. This kind of makes your room to a blank canvas. But you liked things colourful it comes now.

For instant effect, place a big and colourful carpet in the middle of the room. Combine this with a bedspread in a similar tone and contrast it with pillows in a contrasting colour. The best effect comes from using two contrasting colours. If you just use one, there is a risk for getting a room that is boring. If you use three or more different colours you end up with an artists pallet fun for a while, but after a few months you'll probably get rather tired of it.

Good colour combinations are:
- blue carpet, blue bedspread and red pillows
-light yellow carpet, light yellow bedspread and dark green pillows
- dark red carpet, lime green bedspread, dark red pillows

When you grow older and your taste may change all you have to do is to change the carpet, bedspread and pillows and voila, you have a complete new room.

Best of luck!

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