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I have a fairly good size authentic Navaho Indian rug that I would like to hang on my wall but I am uncertain about the best way to do it so it will not stretch out.  Any suggestions?  This piece is too valuable to throw on the floor but needs to be displayed.

Dear Dona,

You can hand sew a strip of Velcro to the top and bottom back of your rug.  The soft, fuzzy Velcro part will go on the weaving; then the stiffer matching Velcro strip can be stapled or glued to a wooden board.  Then you can mount the wood on the wall wherever the studs are located.  You can then press the rug into place.  Some prefer to stitch the Velcro first to a buckram (buckram is a stiff cloth) then hand-stitch that to the rug.  This method stiffens and supports textiles that are more soft and flexible.

Attach the Velcro in a straight line (important!), and do not follo the contour of the weaving.  Since your rug is a fairly good size it will likely require a two inch wide Velcro.  If one strip is not enough, use two.

Stitching into a rug does not damage it in any way because this method distributes the weight evenly aross the piece.  The Velcro method is one of the most gentle ways of hanging a rug.  No special stitches are required and "carpet" thread or heavy cotton "buttonhole thread is fine.  And, Dona, don't forget to paint the wooden board the same color as your wall, choose a space that is not subjected to a lot of direct sunlight, and most of all enjoy!

Good luck with your decorating,


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