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QUESTION: My bathroom has 1948 salmon tile on the floors and the counter top with a black border.  The tile in the shower is black and white.  I can't afford to replace the salmon tile so I would like to find a color that will compliment and not draw attention to the salmon.  The walls and cabinets were painted a dark apricot which made the room feel like a big peach.  I painted the walls medium gray and the cabinets white hoping to bring out the black but it just clashes with the salmon.  I'm thinking of going with a warm brown on the walls and adding in accent pieces like rugs and towels that have brown, salmon, and red stripes on a pale cream background.  What are your thoughts on this idea?
ANSWER: That's an excellent idea.  Try looking through some paint swatches of browns that are "as close to" the salmon shade as possible (but still brown) so that the brown will take over.  You may try some shades of taupe as well.

Once your color is chosen and you add accent pieces, play up the color you want most to see, THEN add the multi-color pieces to tie it all together.


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QUESTION: How crazy would it be to pull in an addditional color?  You say to find a color I would most like to see and maybe its red but that would mean adding yet another color.  Can I not count the white and black tiles as colors since they are neutral?  I have other red pieces, including towels and a red glass shoe that sits on a shelf, from my previous house and the multi-color items have red stripes.

Yep.  Actually, red is an excellent choice since salmon is in the red family, and it plays up the black and white!  

Just be cautious when adding patterns to the mix. Depending on your tile configuration, stripes may be the best way to go.

(Love the red shoe.)

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