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Hi, I live in a townhome with a 20 foot great room that encompasses the living room and dining room.  The walls are painted a warm sand color with an accent wall of moss color.  My question is about my windows and deciding if I should accent them or not with drapery sheers.  I have a wall of windows facing south consisting of four narrow window panels split into two sets (an upper and lower, the upper almost reaches the ceiling).  One set flanks the dining room bay window w/sliding door.  The other set flanks the fireplace in the living rom.  The bottom half of all the windows have 2-inch faux wood blinds with matching top/small cornice.  For two years, I was really happy with it, but recently I'm thinking maybe it's not enough?  I'm thinking maybe adding narrow sheer panels hung from almost the ceiling all the way down to the floor that would flank the left and right side of both sets of windows (4 sheer panels).  Do my windows need to have some fabric around them, or can I leave them with blinds only?

Also, I have a large half-circle window above a set of regular windows in my bedroom.  I want to drape a swag around the half-circle in a triangle (hook at the left, top middle, and right).  I have been trying to find the hardware to do this.  I am looking for 3 piece set of a metal scroll design that you can hook the swag into.  Can't find it.  What kind of hardware would I need and how do I do this myself?  I need more than a swag holder since the fabric is draping on a slant and up.  I need something that is going to pinch and hold the fabric.  Thanks!

Rather than sheer panels, why not use narrow fabric (or drapery) panels from the ceiling to the floor.  The reason I suggest that as opposed to sheer is that sheers tend to make a window look "unfinished" they're waiting for draperies, whereas solid fabric panels look purposeful and complete.  

I'd also opt for a treatment of some sort around the windows....something that coordinates.  Perhaps use the same fabric and simply a different configuration, i.e., a swag effect over the windows OR simply cover the cornice with the same fabric used on the other windows.  The faux wood blinds are fine alone if that's your preference.  

The brackets you mention are available at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, JC Penney etc.  The brackets are adjustable in that they can sit 1 - 3 inches out from the wall and you simply bend the "U" shaped piece around the fabric.  This pinches the fabric and holds it securely in place.  These brackets are sold individually, rather than in a set, and come in brass or chrome color.  

Hope this helps you with your window dilema.  Thanks for writing.


PS:  To create a triange, simply purchase 3 brackets and place them accordingly over and around each side of the window.  

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