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This is a link to my album showing this room.. with 4 pics showing each wall tell me what u think.. thanks

you may have to copy and paste...thank you so much
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If i can create a website with pics of this room. can you look at it? Lee-Ann
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Hi Jenny, I have a difficult room to decorate and arrange. It is a second story Master bedroom, with a slanted ceiling. The whole ceiling is slanted. The room is large. 14.5ft x 15.5 ft with the east wall being 10ft and the west wall being 6ft. the tall wall has 3 windows at the very top(i cant reach them without a stool) and one window on the short wall. also the tall wall has 2 a/c vents in the middle of the wall (hard to decorate around) i need to decide on what window treatments to use and what colors to paint. thanks ahead..Leeann
Thanks for writing!  These rooms are always impressive, but hard to decorate.  My suggestion is to paint the room in a neutral color -- that does not mean white, but rather a neutral shade of your favorite color (not too dark, not the lightest....somewhere in between.)  

On the tall wall - the three windows -- if they are vertical (which I'm assuming they must be) I would either treat them with blinds, Roman Shades OR leave them bare.  If you are pretty good as a seamstress, you could treat the three windows as one by "framing" them with fabric.  I know that would be yards and yards of fabric, but it would be stunning.  If you opt to do that, make two panels measuring from the top of the tallest window to the floor.  Use simple closet dowels and "U" shaped holders for the rod, and paint the rod the same color as the (new) wall color.

On the opposite/shorter wall, use the same fabric and create a window covering for that as well.  It doesn't have to be exactly the same -- just as long as the fabric is the same, it will coordinate beautifully.  

Best of luck with your project.

I'll certainly try.


OK Great, I viewed the photos, and here are my thoughts.  First of all, there's entirely too much contrast between your carpet color and your wall color.  A darker wall color would make a huge difference in the space.  It would automatically feel cozier and friendlier.  If you'd like a color suggestion, Glidden's Toasty Grey would be my neutral wall color suggestion.  It would work well with the furniture, the carpet and would give your room a warmer feeling.

Now for the windows - the three windows across should be treated as one (single) window, and the window treatments should go from just above the windows down to the floor.  You can use one pair of draperies and sheers (no valances) for a more sophisticated look.  Do the same treatment on the other window.  

My last suggestion - it appears that you have a headboard with mirror insets.  Consider removing the mirrors (after you paint that wonderful new wall color) and leave the interior of the headboard bed wall open.  You can add a piece of art there if you'd like.  

Draperies - select something that incorporates all the colors in the room - the bedspread/comforter, the carpet and the new wall color.  Keep your sheers white or off-white.


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