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Hi Alicia,

I am redecorating my condo and considering using a solar window shade.  My question, in your experience, which combination of PVC and fiberglass is the longest lasting, or should I use mylar instead.  I am not particularly concerned with a view, however, the sun coming into the back bedroom really heats up the room and I think a solar shade would be just the thing for that room in particular.  Do you know if a particular brand is more durable or better looking than most?  Also, one window is more of a picture window size.  Do you have a suggestion for shades in larger windows?  I do not like the vertical blinds.  Too commercial looking for me.

Thank you,

Hello Nancy,
That's a great question but I'm not up to date on the window shade products. I did select roll up outdoor shades for a patio and they had 80% UV RAy protection and was made of a woven fabric.  

I picked this up at a home center because it was priced so great.  Perhaps, you can visit your local home center and get more details and at the same time, compare quality of the various manufacturers. I believe all of the top 4 window treatment companies are represented.

Good luck!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID  

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