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I have a buffet/hutch set dark wood.I also have a dining room table and 4 chairs that is clear wood.Would you please advise me, what to do I would like to have them both the same color, since there are so close together in the dining room. Is stain easier or paint.
I cannot believe I did not think of this when I bought the table, too late now I guess.
Please give me your advise

Thank you very much

It looks like you have two choices - one is to refinish the buffet/hutch; the other to refinish the table and 4 chairs.  

The short answer to staining versus paint as far as "ease" is that stain, when done properly is probably quicker/easier than paint and longer lasting because it is more "absorbed" by the wood.  

Whichever way you opt to go, here's what you have to do (with painting or staining as the end result).  

- Sand the entire surface that is to be painted or stained.  If you are painting, just "roughing up" the surface will be sufficient.  If you opt to stain, you must sand off everything - down to the wood's natural grain.

- Wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove any dust or residue.

- Paint or stain.  If you paint, prime the surface and then add your top coat(s).  If you stain, apply the stain with a soft cloth in the direction that the grain of the wood runs.  Don't "criss-cross" with stain; you'll end up with dark splotches.

Good luck on your project.


PS:  If you paint, you may want to seal the surface with a polyeurthane; available at your local home improvement store.  Get "clear, non-yellowing".  

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