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In our new house I am using a deep wine in the dining room and want to use taupe in the living room but am having trouble finding what exactly is taupe.  Is it a tan, beige or somewhere in between?  My painter is using Columbia paint.  Also could you suggest a color for the ceiling.  

Dear Leslie,

A darker taupe is a brownish gray that would look a lot like the color tan; a lighter taupe would look like a beige.  So somewhere in between would be the answer.  I would go for a taupe that is of the same intnsity as the deep wine in your dining room.  

The answer to your question about the ceiling in the living room depends on what you need to accomplish.  Do you want it to appear that the ceiling is high?  Low?  However, my first instinct is to advise you to paint it the same color as your dining room ceiling.  Now if the color of your dining room ceiling hasn't been decided I would paint both ceilings a very light taupe.  This would make the ceilings look higher.

I would then distribute deep wine, light and dark taupe throughout both rooms when you choose accessories, furniture, window treatments, etc.

Good luck with your decorating and have fun with your new home,

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