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My 15 yr old daughter has 2 walls in her bedroom filled w/photographs of her and her friends.  I came home one day and she had scotchtaped hundreds of pictures to the walls. One of the walls is almost all pictures!  

I'm looking for a way to let her have her pictures up but not with scotchtape.  Should we look for lots of big frames, consider some kind of cork board material which she could pin them on, or what?  I'm sure this is not something she will want permanently, so I don't want to do damage to the walls.

Is there anything you can think of that would let her have hundreds of pix of her and her friends in her bedroom?


Yes, Yes Yes!  I recently spotted a material in an office supply store that will do just what you want it to.  While I don't know the name or manufacturer, it is a sponge-like surface that allows you to adhere paper (and photos) to it by simply pressing it on.  It comes in varying sizes, but you can purchase enough of it to literally cover any area.  

Check with your local office supply store like Staples or Office Depot.  They'll know what it is (exactly) and more than likely will have it or be able to order it for you.

No pins, no tape, no staples...priceless.


PS:  If for some reason you can't find it, them use the next best alternative -- cork tiles.  They're available at office supplies stores as well and the new ones don't have the same foul odor the old timey ones did.


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