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Hi Benjamin,

My dining space is 10' x 11', and here is a pic of my entertainment center (in a single living space that is open from the dining space):

Would it be best to go with a pedestal dining table, or one with four legs like this:


And, isn't it a good idea to keep the square shapes of the entertainment center going throughout with a square/rectangular table, or is round okay?

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Hi Benjamin,

I want to thank you for your prompt and really great advice yesterday. Also, one more question; you said that with my cherry kitchen cabinets I should get a glass or tile top dining table with colored parson chairs, and the last choice would be a black wood table. I have been looking for a tile top table online and in local furniture stores and I'm coming up empty--very little out there, or I don't know where to look. Could you suggest a place, online or in the Sacramento area, to purchase tile top tables, perhaps within the under $1200 range? I'd rather not do glass.

Also, I'm wondering if it would be acceptable in the burgundy/cherry kitchen nook to use an espresso wood table instead of black, since I have chocolate and a lot of earth tones in my living area which it opens into. Thanks so much!

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Hi Kathy,

A few sites and furniture lines off the top of my that may be worth looking:

Centry Furniture
Ashley Furniture
Stienhaufels Furniture
Sean Conway Furniture

Good Luck!

The expresso wood table would be ok, but put a rug under to break up the wood. I still think you will be happier with a non-wood table and it will not be so dark and woods will not blend as much.


Hi Kathy,

I love the entertainment center! I would go with a round table for you dining room to break up that squareness of the space. Depending on how many chairs you need around the dining table, do a pedistal table if you need a lot and a leg table if you only need about 4.

Good luck. Looks like you are well on your way to a great looking room!


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