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I have a bay window that I would like to add a treatment to.
Originally, I was going to purchase inside mount, cordless, top-down/bottom-up honeycomb shades for each of the 3 individual windows.  However, I have discovered that the window frames for the two side windows are not deep enough to accomodate an inside mount shade.
I really want to have a seperate treatment for each window pane, and the individual shades would look tacky if I tried to mount them any other way.

I am now considering putting the shade on just the middle window, which can accomodate the inside mount.
On each side window I would like to put a single drape that hangs to the bottom of the window frame, just above the window ledge.  I only want the individual drape to cover the one window it is hung on, not be wide enough to cover the entire width of the all 3 windows and meet in the middle, when both sides are pulled "closed".
I am having a tough time actually visualizing this well enough in my mind to be confident that it will look nice before spending the money.
So, my question is this...
Do you think the two mediums will look nice put together that way on such a window, and do you know where I might be able to find an example of this look in a picture?
If you think it will look tacky, do you any other suggestions for me?
Thanks for your help!


Thanks for writing.

I am going to have to give you the thumbs down on the seperate window drapes. I would suggest looking at a balloon shade or a roman shade (both made with fabric that you can pull up and down like a regular blind and also can be put on an outside mount)

Good luck.


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