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I live in a 1976 double-wide Casco home with a "harvest gold" tub and toilet-very 50ish, bad color - one with a hint of green in it.

I want to repaint my bathroom but am stymied by this awful tub/toilet color.

The bathroom is small and has an alcove area where the sink mirror is; this is a smaller, darker area away from the tub.  The tub area has a window along it which provides good sunlight.

I have NO money so getting a new tub/toilet is out of the question.

Please help!
pat lieuallen


You are just going to have to embrace that harvest gold and green toilet. For the tub, you may be able to get a shower curtian that covers it! This may be your best bet. The you just have to worry about the toilet. Try picking a color that looks well the the  green and make the bathroom into a 50's style, so it looks like you ment to have a green toilet. You may want to try a light cream, then use black and stainless steel hardware and accessories to give it a true 50's look. Also bring in a color to complement the green in your window treatments. Try using black and white pictures in black frames and bring in a rug with the same green as in the toilet. It could be cool!

Good Luck.


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