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Our entire new home which is near completion is flowing with the tuscany-type colors, beige, greens, yellows, it looks very rich and comforting..and then there comes the "blue" room! Although my fiance insists that it was my choice of wasn't!! I had chosen a beige tone and when he came to "give his approval," he complained that all the colors were the same!!! Anyway, long story short, HE chose the blue hue, I just said, okay then it will be a light blue..just to get it over with...well, it's definitely blue! It absolutely does not flow, in my opinion, with the rest of the rooms. The room which is next to the "blue-room" is a Tommy-Bahama type green, which I will decorate to that theme, they share a jack & jill bath which I had painted in two tones of yellow, one wall a warm yellow,  the others in a lighter tone..both the rooms look pretty nice and flow into each other. What should I do about the "blue-room?" RePaint it??!! It's a fairly large room with cathedral ceilings, and I know if I plan to paint it, I will have to do it myself!! Eeek! Do you think that if I make it into a Ocean room it will flow? Uhg.. this is not good. I am stumped. Am I unrealistic as my fiance says I am that I think that all rooms should flow into each other?

Thanks for your question.  Since repainting sounds as if it would be a real chore, try some color sculpting from the colors in the rooms surrounding the "blue" room.  For instance, the Tommy Bahama green, the warm yellow, the paler yellow should all be pulled into the blue room by way of accessories.  It doesn't have to be in a "BIG" way, just enough to pull the other colors in.  Then in those spaces, add the blue.  Again, you don't have to have a lot of blue - just enough to look intentional.  It can be something as simple as a hand towel that hangs in the bath that incorporates green, blue, yellow.  

As for rooms flowing decoratively, I agree that they should.  You can fix this...just get a little creative!


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