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My bathroom is a throw back to the 1970s. My bathtub and toilet are an ugly olive green color and the walls are paneled. What color could I use on the walls and floor to divert attention away from the olive green? Also, what kind of primer is needed to use on panelling? It's not real wood, just the cheap, fake wood looking panelling


Well I guess I would suggest regular primer and then I would highly recommend a color that of green to make the olive green not stand out such as light green or tan color to divert attention away.

I dont believe for all this effort you will get away from the look you have to another better look.

In my opinion I believe that you should simply try this take out wall paneling and place sheet rock allot easier than painting the paneling and last longer in bathroom with moisture and also paint the tub and toilet go to sears or any sherwin williams store and they will let you know what kind of paint you can use in my opinion appliance paint it works very well and can be purchased in any walmart. There is the easiest and best solution make sure you clean the surfaces and dry then VERY WELL!


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