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Hello.  I am updating the one finished room in our basement.  It is a cross between a sports room (with sports paraphernalia and dart board, pool table, etc.) and work out room (corner piece of work out equipment and a stair-stepper).  There is one small window.  It feels very closed in to me.  It has low tile ceilings with fluorescent lighting.  Oblong big room.  I just need some ideas to brighten up, open up, let outdoors come in.  Thanks, JB


Thanks for you questions. It is funny because I am curently working with a client with the same basement problem as you...feeling closed in with the low ceilings.

I don't know how in depth you want to go with the project, but the first thing I would do it get rid of the fluorescent lighting. Go with a nice recessed light or can light that can be easily placed in your ceiling tiles. This will make a huge differance as to how the room looks whithout the hard lighting. You could also easily add track lighting. Another thing i would suggest would be to paint your ceiling tiles black to make the room feel taller. By going with black, you will give the feel that the ceiling is never ending. Go ahead and bring some color in the space by painting a nice deap red color on one wall (make sure to paint a dark grey primer on first, otherwise your red wall will turn out pink!) And paint the other walls a nice cream color that complements the red. As far as flooring, there are many options good for basements such as rubber tiles and carpet squares. These are cool options because you can make patterns and shapes with the squares and tiles and bring in diffrent color. Also nice because if one gets water damage you can just replace the one tile. These lay down right over concrete, so it is very cost and time effective to install.

Finally, add some artwork. Choose larger pieces. Small pieces scatered along the wall will make the room feel smal and chopped up. Also consider an indoor water fountail or wall fountain to bring the outdoors in.

Hope this helped and good luck. As always, I encourage yu to send pictures of your completed projects to anytime.


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