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Hi Jenny~
We are purchasing a new home with an open Great room.  When you enter the Great room from the foyer hallway, there is a fireplace to the left with a fireplace that has a small but nice wooden mantel along with a little bit of )tile (marble?).  In front of you as you enter is a wall of two story windows with a view.  The two "sets" of windows are directly above/below one another.  To the right of the room, it is separated from the kitchen by a half wall.  

We are going to purchase all new furniture, but we are unsure of what pieces to buy and how to arrange them.   I would like your thoughts on this.  The wall color in most of the house is a mustard/brownish color to include the great room.  Also, what types of window treatments would you suggest?  We are thinking about plantation shutters, possibly on the lower set of windows to give us some privacy.  But, I would love to have some beautiful ceiling/floor drapes for a grand feeling.

Also, since the fireplace is on that HUGE wall with cathedral ceilings, what do we do with that wall?  We would possibly like to place our TV above the fireplace, but we are definitely open to other ideas. The fireplace just seems so small on that big wall.

I have digital pictures and they are online as well with the realtor, but I am not comfortable sharing our new address with everyone!

Thank you in advance!

Starting with the windows, treat the stacked windows as one and create a (very) long set of drapes from just above the top window to the floor.  Since privacy is an issue, shutter or blind the windows (both will look best).  

If you're planning to use a plasma or other oversized television, that area above the fireplace is the perfect place for it.  Just make sure it is installed by a professional for safety sake.  

If you don't use a tv there, opt for an oversized piece of art, or a large mirror (if you have something pleasant to reflect).  You may want to bulk up the mantle as well.

Everyone loves the cathedral ceilings until they have to decorate one, change an overhead light or paint one.  They certainly are grand however.  

Furniture?  Purchase pieces that are neutral in color (no wild prints, checks, flowers etc. that you will all too soon tire of).  In selecting pieces, consider how you will use the room.  If you are adding a tv to the space, you'll want enough seating for everyone in the family and guests.  This may mean a sofa, a couple of oversized chairs and a couple of ottomans, or it could mean a couple of recliners, a sofa and a side chair.  Whatever your "need" and preference is should dictate your selections.  You'll want to position the furniture around the focal point (the fireplace) with everything angling in toward it or flanking it.  

Hope this gives you some help.

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