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We have lived in this house for over 3 years and we have yet to cover our front room windows.  We have young children and decided to use the "formal" living room as a play room until now.  The celings in this room are slanted and go from 12 to 18 feet.  On the 12 foot side we have a large window.  The room is basically empty (due to lack of funds to purchase furniture).   The window is 106 inches wide and 70 inches tall.  Above the window is a frame and a wooden shelf like thing and on top of that is another 2- 3 foot window that is also 106 inches wide as well. Can you see this?     A small long window on top of the large window?    The windows have "panes" in them and they are white.  I was thinking about putting 3 white wood blinds in the large window. and leaving the top part alone.   My husband says windows that large need to have drapes.  Im not sure what to do.   Any Ideas...we really dont have much money but the theme of the room doesnt matter at this point as we dont have any furniture.   What do you think?  

Sounds like a wonderful room!  I can picture exactly what you are talking about.  Your husband will be happy to hear that he is right...and you will be happy to hear that you are right. Use the wood blinds for light control and privacy.  Then add side panels to the floor hung on a wooden pole with drapery rings.  Let the panels slightly puddle on the floor.  This will give the windows a finished look and also help to absorb some of the sound.  visit a fabric remnant store and find some fabric that you don't even have to sew.  You can hot glue the edges for a side hem or use the iron on seam finisher.  Glue some bullion fringe on the bottom...and Voila' a great look for very little money.  Happy Decorating from the Queen of Decorating, JoAnne Lenart-Weary  

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