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I have a muted red sofa, black chair and a combination rust, dark blue and gold patterned chair in my family room.  I have a off-white tile fireplace with an offset wall that frames it that juts out around 3 inches from the regular wall and reaches to the ceiling. I am trying to choose paint colors for the walls, the accent wall and the ceiling.  So far my thoughts have gone with sage green walls with brick red on the accent wall.  Please help!

I'm the first one to recommend color.  I fear that in this particular instance you may have too many colors going on in one space.  The brick red accent sounds good, especially since you have the white tile fireplace.  And I love the combination of sage green with brick red, I just don't think the combination rust, blue, gold chair is going to work in that environment.  Perhaps moving it to another area, OR recovering it to coordinate with your couch or black chair would be possible.  


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