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Hi Jenny,
My wife and I just painted a small accent wall in our living room black walnut, which actually turned out to look a little bit like purplish chocolate... we were going to paint the main walls "pickling spice" (a light muted green), but now I'm having second thoughts, as it might clash with the accent color. We have white trim, Ikea green stained furniture, and a dark blue couch to boot. Any ideas on complementary colors for this smorgesbord we have going on?


What may have happened with the accent wall is that you needed to add more coats of paint.  I've been known to have to paint black walls at least 6 coats to achieve the right color.  Otherwise, the muted green will be fine with the "purplish chocolate" (well explained!) and I'd keep the trim white.  The dark blue couch may not show well against the accent wall, but will "pull" that color when placed on a green wall.  

If you want to add an additional color - you're working in the cooler color palette (greens, blues).  You may want to shake things up a bit with a daring red (cranberry or cherry red) or bright yellow.

:>) Jenny

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