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I have a pretty good size wall on one side of my dining room that I am having a hard time finding the perfect decorative item to fill it.  I had a 3D last supper frame which I had to move because it was too small for the wall.  My house is decorated in neutral colors and I would like somewhat of an italian theme.  What could I fill this wall with that would not be expensive at all, but possibly look it?  I've thought about paintings (which I could find for farely cheap online and frame myself, but I wouldn't even know what would be appropropriate for the dining room.

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your questions. I love dining rooms. They have come and gone and come back again!

One of the cheapest things you can do is paint. If you are going for an Italina theme, I suggest red. I LOVE a red dining room! If you DO choose to paint a red, make sure you put a coat of grey primer on before hand. Red painted on white walls will turn out pink! Not good! Another suggestion would be to bring in the neutral cream to put on the ceiling so there isn't such a big jump from red to white. Use a rubby or darker warm tone red color.

Now onto your wall. First of all, if you are trying to save money, go with a canvas painting that does not have a frame. These are very in style right now. If you DO get a frame, buy a very large and ornate one with the use of black and gold tones. This will make it look very Italian. As far as the actual should really be the judge. You know what you like and what feels right. Go to a store and have a search. Then when you find something that fits you, go home and go online to Type in the name of the picture and the artist if you have it and buy it in poster form. (many cost as little as $25.00). When it arrives, put it in your big fancy frame and know one will know!

I will give you one suggestion for a picture even know I think you really need to buy what feels right to you when you see it. My suggestion...get a picture with a person or people in it with the people being somewhat of a whimsical nature. Look at prints by one of my favorit artist, Jack Vettriano. I love using picture with people in them, expecially in a dining room, because it creates so much discussion and table conversation!

If you still have room on the wall after the picture is hung, consider putting a sconce on each side.

Thanks again and as always, I encourage you to send pictures to when your project is completed.

Have fun!


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