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My dilema is my family room, kitchen eating area and family room.
    When you walk in my front door (facing west) you are in the entryway with a hallway that leads straight ahead to the doorway that enters the kitchen area. In the doorway straight ahead is my antique round single pedastal table. It sits in front of french doors that open OUT to a 4 season room that is 14 x 18 feet with large windows all around, a sliding glass door and a sunken jacuzzi. While looking into the eating area from the front entryway, to the left is my kitchen (island in the middle, cabinets all around except for the doorway that opens to the dining room (on the south east corner) and a window that opens onto the 4 season room. The kitchen area tends to be somewhat dark since the large 4 season room is behind it). While standing looking into the kitchen/eating area again, directly right is the family room. It is approx. 15 x 18 ft. On the north wall centered is a brick fireplace with a large oak mantle. No built-ins on either side (still deciding whether to build them). The west wall bows out (floor to ceiling) except for about 1 foot on either side and has a large double window in the center and a single large window on either side. Between the family room and kitchen area are 3 doorways extremely close to each other. The one closest to the family room (directly across from the 1/2 wall) leads to the garage and is a 6 panel oak. The next one leads to the basement, also a 6 panel oak. The next is the door that leads to the entry way. I have soft materialed deep red furntiture (name of color is Dapple Apple). It has a black back background but you dont see the black, it just helps deepen the red. Sofa on the east wall, loveseat on the west in front of all the windows. Facing the fireplace is a stuffed chair done in deep green (hunter?). It has a smaller diamond pattern in green also and in each diamond is a very small deep red spot (diamonish pattern). From a distance you really dont see the red though. I have oak wookwork around all windows/doors. The chair rail around the family room is oak as is the woodwork around the ceiling/wall edge. I plan to hand white cellular shades that open top down/bottom up. They will have a white soft floral pattern on them. I am totally stuck on what color to paint my walls. Also, I need to use the same paint in the kitchen/eating area since there is no break point. Carpet in family room is a neutral. Kitchen has linoleum that appears to be a golden oak wood floor. Do you have suggestions for curtains in the family room also? I want to keep it light and airy, nothing heavy and dark. This is lenghthy and complicated and I hope you can make sense of it. I am really stuck and would appreciate any advice you have. Thanks. Brebou

The real problem is that your furniture and your wall color have too much contrast.  While you didn't say the walls were white, I'm confident they are.  By deepening the shade of the wall color you will NOT darken the space, you will lessen the contrast between your furniture and the walls.  

Pick a neutral color -- if you're afraid (and most people are for some reason) you can always use taupe...but there is a neutral shade of every color.  What jumps to mind is a soft buttery yellow or a celedon shade of green.  Consider looking at samples to make your selection.

Either the taupe, the yellow or the green will go well with your furniture and your space issues.


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