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Thanks for the ideas! After I sent you the question last week, I thought of these iron pieces that my wife bought at an antique store. They are 3 iron pieces, looks like they were part of an old gate or something.  They are pretty rusted, so I used a wire brush on them and was thinking of painted them a bronze or dull gold color. Do you have any recommendations on how I could restores these pieces?  

Also the wall fountain is a great idea, I'll have to see what types are on the web, can you suggest any websites?

Thanks for you time and help!

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Hi Ben, hope you can help with a decorating question. I have a freestanding bar (autumn cherry finish with black stone top) in an open living area and I'm looking for something to hang behind the bar (area is 55" wide and 30" wide). Currently, there is a framed picture there, but I'm looking for something different.  I thought about hanging tapestry so I ended up buying one, but returned it because the it seemed to be the focal point of the room. The rest of the room is in traditional decor with red and brown colors, the wall is a lighter yellow. I found metal art ideas on the internet, but nothing that really interested me, do you have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.....Thanks!
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Thanks for writing. Two things actually came right to my mind when reading through your question.

#1) A large piece of rod iorn. Many times found at architectual salvage stores and antique shops. They are often square like a window and can be as big as an old gate from an estate. This would be a great conversation piece, but would not be overwhelming to the area due to the fact that it is very open and you can see though it to the wall behind.

#2) An indoor wall water fall or fountain. Many options here. You can get them with water trickling down river rock and in great copper finishes.  This will deffinatly be a focal point, but not as overpowering as something like a tapesty.

Hope this helped and good luck. As always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed projects to anytime.

Thanks again.


Hello again,

Check out It's a great resource I have used. Click on the wall fountain section to get best results as to what you are looking for. I love the fountains with the copper and pebbles!

As far as your iron pieces go...they are from an antique store, so let them look like that's were they came from. The more you do to them the worst off it is. They loose there value and that old architectual look with the chipped paint and rust. LEAVE THEM ALONE! And use them how they are.

Good luck. Ben

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