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Hi,  I have been seeing the trendy magazines for kids' rooms showing atlas/map murals on the walls.  I have a wall sized world map that I would love to use when I update my son's room, which is especially suited for him as he loves to travel and has quite a collection of unique souveniers that would be wonderful items of display.  First off, I am wondering what I would even use to adhere the map to the wall.  Also, what should I do if the map is a bit too small for the wall?  The room is only about 12x14 w/a large window directly across from the entrance doorway.  There is also a closet door on the same wall as the doorway so I had planned to do the map on either of the plain walls, but of course those are the 14' ones and I know the map is smaller than that.  It has little sentimental or material value so I am pretty open to trying whatever including trimming it up or what-not.  

I would like to use light blue/ chambray colored paint on the remaining walls w/ the painted white trim and  eventually have a white built-in wall sized storage unit surrounding the window.  I am undecided about keeping the oak bed or will that be out of place w/ all the white?  I can purchase coordinating pieces like a desk unit or other things that would match the bed, or ?  And how should I balance the busy-ness of the mural on the opposite walls w/out cluttering the room up visually?  The bedding, shelves, any chairs or upholstered items will be navy blue & I will contine w/ chambray, light blue for accents.

I really like the Pottery Barn Kids and Teens designs but I am wondering if I can pull this off myself.   Thanks for any advice!!

Of course you can pull this off.  You're already off to a great start in planning the entire process.  (Many people skip this very important step.)  

Beginning with the map - you can either center it on the wall or cut it up into pieces and cover the entire wall.  Whatever you choose, paint first (all the walls) and then attach the map/map pieces with wallpaper paste.  You may want to use a sizing (check with the wallpaper people at your local home improvement store) prior to the paste, but make sure you use wallpaper glue that will allow you to remove/strip the map when and if you choose.

I love the blues and chambray.  You can and probably should keep the oak bed.  Some "difference" in tone will be good for the space and it is decidedly more masculine.  Match the additional wood pieces to the bed.  

Balance the other walls by using "simple" yet coordinated pieces; tie them in to the world map theme (travel, compass, sites etc.)

Hope this helps give you the confidence to forge ahead.


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