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I saw an episode of Design Inc. on HGTV titled "Stephen's Condo".  They showed a wall in this contemporary condo that the owner had a professional cover in what he called "snakeskin".  This looked like Vinyl glossy embossed wallpaper, with what seemed like an enlarged snakeskin pattern (white on white), so all texture but the texture caught the light a little.  Anyway, this stuff looked COOL!  The owner mentions it was expensive.  This element was not part of the Design Inc. team.  I have asked repeatedly on their web site but they don't answer and I think it's because they didn't design or install this part of the condo.  I know the condo was in Canada, probably Vancouver.    Have you heard of this product?  Thanks for your time-

Hi Erin, Thanks for writing.

I want to apologise for the delayed response to your question. Over the weekend, the system was down that allows the volenteers to check in.

Well, unfortunatly, I know about as much as you do about the paper. It is very expensive, very thick, and very hard to put on. However, if you do want it, your best bet is going to be to call a wallpeper store that specializes in more wallpaper (not a hardware store type of place) They should be able to help you out, get pricing, and show you samples.

The other option is to have it professionally painted. There is a technique that faux finishers use that can give you the exact look you want, only with paint instead of paper.

Good luck!


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