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I'm not sure if you can help or not...My wife and I want to paint our kitchen, but before we do, we need to remove not one, but two layers of wallpaper. We're pretty inexperienced at this type of thing.
Do you know of any quck and/or easy
ways to do this?

Thank you.



Unfortunately, there is no quick and/or easy way to remove wallpaper.  "If" the wallpaper was installed in the last decade, it's probably strippable, meaning that once the adhesive is broken you can strip the paper off.  Sometimes it's small strips, sometimes large ones (celebrate those).  

There are a couple of things that will help you.  As always, the proper tools make the job easier.  At your local home improvement store you'll find a round disc shaped object with teeth.  This is a scorer, used to expose the glue to air.  By making circular motions on the paper this is accomplished, then allowing you to strip it off.  

The other tool that's helpful is a steamer (you can rent these) that you lay on the wall surface a section at a time.  Again, this "melts" the glue, allowing the paper to be peeled off.

If there's two layers as you say, I'd opt for the steamer.  You may be able to strip two layers at once.  After you strip, sand, prime then paint.


PS:  If it gets too tedious, hire someone!

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