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Thanks for your response. I don't think I described the doors correctly. The only recessed parts are the outlines of the panels. There are 6 panels which are at the same level as the rest of the door, each outlined by a 1-3/4" wide recessed area. So the recessed area is really not all that much.

I could still use your suggestion of just wallpapering the panels in certain situations and I'm sure that would look good. But these door posters are of a horse looking out over a stable door, so they really do need to remain intact to give the realistic effect.

So--if I described things better this time, any thoughts?

Thanks again.


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Question -

We want to put up some wallpaper door posters, but our doors are sort-of paneled. Can we put a poster over top and just be careful not to poke it in a recessed part?

If not, what would you suggest?

Thank you.

Answer -
Hi Lori, Bridging over the door opening would not work well.  If anyone bumped it with just "air" behind it, it will end up getting ripped.  I would consider trimming the posters to try to fit into the recessed areas.  If the recessed areas are small that can give the poster an interesting look with the addition of the door moldings between the recessed areas.  JoAnne  

Hi Lori, Now I understand more clearly.  You could paper over the entire door but you still may have a problem where the recessed outline is.  You might try adding a couple of layers of wide tape over the outline to help the poster to bridge the gap better.  Happy Decorating, JoAnne Lenart-Weary  

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