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I am buying a house that currently has light  maple cabinets, white appliances and a solid surface countertop.  The floors are stained a medium walnut.  There is a fairly wide doorway to the living room and my furnishings are walnut antiques and red/blue oriental rugs.  I think there should be some consistency between the feeling in the two rooms.  I intend to keep the cabinets, but am planning to put in granite countertops and a backsplash using tones of brown, white, beige and perhaps a dark red.  I thought to paint the space maybe a dark red. I need to replace the refrigerator to counter depth- I could put panels on the front.  The house is only 7 years old and the dishwasher, oven and cooktop are in fine shape.  Is there any way I can incorporate these white appliances and have the kitchen look current, or do I need to just replace everything with stainless or black-  

There are panels available for most appliances, you just have to source them.  For the budget's sake perhaps that is best.  If you like the modern upgrade of new appliances, you won't ever fail with stainless steel, which is timeless.  

I think my first choice would be to prioritize based on budget and convenience.  Replace the refrigerator first is the best choice if you decide to do so.  That way as the kitchen is upgraded you can take advantage of the built-in aspect of the countertop depth.  

The cooktop or range (not sure which one) should also be looked at next...remember, you will have to change ctops if you decide later to upgrade your cooking surface.  Depends on your situation, make a list of priorities and see which appliance should be replaced first, second and third.

Good Luck!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied ASID

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