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Thanks first for answering my question ... we are utilizing our dining room at this moment for our office and I need a window treatment for this oversized window.  We should have our basement finished within the next year and this will become a true dining room, but until then ...
This window is facing the road so I do need privacy.  Should I place a blind on this window (I would have to special order one)and if so, do all the blinds need to be the same throughout the house?  Any suggestions would be great!  I'm lacking in the decorating area!

Hi Traclyn,

Thanks for your questions.  Since you are obviously in need of a "stop-gap" measure to eliminate the privacy issue in your dining room, I would probably recommend one of two courses of action.  Either purchase several (depending on how large your window is) of the new temporary paper shades that install with a self-stick double-sided tape (included in the package).  These can be raised/lowered numerous times without a problem.  They run about $5-8 each and are easily trimmed (in width) to fit.  The kits also include clips that hold the shade in place when it is raised/lowered.  They're available at Home Depot.  

The other thought is to use simple wicker shades or inexpensive roll-ups (check the Decor aisle in HD) which attach easily with simple brackets.  

To answer your other question, permanent blinds should be similar/virtually identical in all areas of your home.  What's critical is the view from outside.  If you have a row of windows all facing the street, the look is much more appealing if all the window treatments appear the same.  There really isn't a rule about's more a matter of personal taste.  Kids rooms, studies/dens etc. are areas that often cry for something different, and that's fine.

You'll find great price points on blinds of all kinds at Target, WalMart, Home Depot etc.


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