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I have a living room set -the couch and chair are a dark golden brown, the furniture is brown, and all the pieces have these little antiqued looking round gold studs. (at the bottom base of the couch and along the trim of the table.) The walls are tumbleweed and we bought a big contemporary style rug with light blue, dark and light brown, plus some rust colors in it.  I want some curtains that would "go" with everything yet bring some color into the room too.  

Hello Alisha ,

   Stationery Side Panels may fit just right .
  This type of panel is not traversable but stays in one place while still covering the window trim . This type of panel may be made to break at the floor about 2" . This panel can be made to "Puddle" also ... which means the panel will be about 6" to 12" spread out about the flooring . It may then be shaped and sculptured to your liking . They will however require re-dressing/re-sculpturing after each floor cleaning . And , you can always order the panles to clear the flooring 1/2" to 3/4" above the flooring . Stationery Side Panels look nice under Poles with Rings -or- make them rod poceketed and gathered on a pole with Finials .
  If you would like a traverse rod with panel(s) there are many traverse rods available but wide traverse rods are hard to find at retail stores . The wood poles , metal poles are easy to find for stationery side panels . Stationery Side Panels usualy need about 18" wide poles and usualy installed to cover the glass about 3" to 4" thus covering  the window casement and window trim .


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