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I want to clean the air of odors without using carbon air cleaners or any ozone producing machine.  How can I get rid of odors in the house without bringing in devices to rid the house of these odors?

Hello Tom,
There is a killer method to get rid of odours white vinegar. Just put a bowl of vinegar where you want to get rid of the odour. The fridge, dishwasher etc. can be cleaned with some white vinegar in water.

When the odour is gone you may want to add that little extra hint of freshness. There I would choose lavender. It gives a crisp, fresh and clean fragrance not at all sweet or girly as many other flowers (and artificial air fresheners for that mater.)

If I say potpourri, please don't scream. As a matter of fact, it is time to forget everything about dusty old bowls smelling nothing but hay. A top quality potpourri is the best way to create that subtle effect where you feel, rather than smell, the fragrance. If you are lucky, you can find a good quality potpourri in a shop but more often you'll have to make your own.

This is my favourite recipe for a good lavender potpourri:
5 dl dried flowers of lavender
2 teaspoons orrisroot
4 drips of lavender oil

Mix it all together. Put in brown paper bags in a dark, dry and cool place. Let it rest for four to six weeks. Ready to use.
You can put the potpourri in any kind of bowls or baskets as long as the air has a chance to circulate. If you do not want to see the potpourri, put it on top of a tall bookshelf.

Best of luck!


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