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I want to purchase an area rug for my family room my problem is it will go over carpet and the coffe table that goes on the rug is heavy and puts dents in the rug there for after a while it seems to strech the rug I want to add color in the room and don't no what to do, can you suggest any ideas?


I apologize for getting back with you so late. I have been too busy to even look at my computer. Thank you for you patience.

You can place another rug on top of carpet but you are right about not setting the coffee table on top of it. Do you have to use the coffee table? If you are using lamp tables you might get by without the extra surface.

You will have to decide what's more important to you. The added color and interest the rug brings to your room or the coffee table.

If you just need color and not a rug how about using accent pillows, throws, slipcovers, colorful artwork on the walls or even painting the room a new color? Color is not hard to bring in if you know what you like.

An easy way, is start with a fabric and pull color from there.

Let me know what you are thinking and we'll continue if you'd like.

Thanks again for your patience.

Angie Nelson  

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