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I'm wanting to decorate my basement game room walls, but I'm not sure of what type of decor to use.  The room is about 30'x13' and it has a dark brown beadboard wainscotting all the way around it.  The walls above the wainscotting is painted a muted yellow/gold which I painted and plan to keep.  There is one window on the south wall.  I have a slate blue pair of drapes with a  micro fiber feel to them hanging on each side of the window.  I went with slate blue because this game room is open to the rest of the basement which has a slate blue sectional sofa and accessories.  The floor is a laminate wood plank look in a lighter wood than the wainscotting, but has some streaks of the dark brown in it.  The game room can be closed off by the french doors, but they have glass panes so you can still see through to the room.  I am adding accents of black in the room (like with the curtain rod, game chairs, frames, etc.)  I just don't know how exactly to decorate the walls.  My husband is wanting to put sports memorabilia up on the wall that he and my two boys (ages 4 and 6) love.  This is like The K.C. Chiefs, NASCAR, etc.  My husband also has a collection of dicast cars that I have thought about putting in the room.  I want the room to have a fun feel to it that both children and adults would enjoy hanging out in.  However, I don't want it to look like I just stuck a bunch of stuff on the walls.  I have thought about hanging pictures of my boys in their sports activities.  They do baseball, soccer, and basketball.  I have also thought about framing up pictures of them on their dirtbike and pictures of them tubing and jetskiing at the lake.  I guess I sort of want the feel that you get in Applebees, but I am afraid of going overboard.  What do you think of all these different themes?  Currently there is a foosball table, basketball arcade hoops and tv in the room.  Someday I want to add a pool table.  In the far southeast corner we have our treadmill which has to stay.  What are your suggestions for creating a fun family gameroom that everyone would enjoy?  P.S.  I want to avoid getting too cheezy.  Thanks in advance.


Dear Heidi, I think a way that might help you to create a cleaner look to all of your pictures and memorabilia is to make collages and frame them. Here is one example that looks nice:

For the die cast cars check out something like this:
Hope this gives you a good start. Good Luck.

Rachel Mallon

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