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Rachel - What an awesome service!  You're so right, decorating is definitely not as easy as it looks!  My walls are a currently patchwork of unsuitable colors.

I'm finally getting around to making over a basement family TV room / playroom / office.  It's a fairly large (20ft x30ft) rectangular room with a 12' wide x 3' high above grade window down long wall.  The room has a fireplace with a white (painted) brick surround on a short wall, 8ft ceilings and a very neutral salt and pepper berber carpet.  The only furnishings in the space are 2 burgundy leather couches and a large honey maple desk unit (and a HUGE basket of toys!)  I have a deep burgundy throw rug in the center of the TV area, but it's not important that it stay there if the color doesn't work.

Please could you help out with selecting a wall and ceiling color, window treatments, additional furniture etc... for the room?  

Thanks in advance for the advice!


Please go to this website to see my designs for your space.

Dear Deb,
   How nice to have all that space. I would paint the ceiling white or off white since your walls are not very tall. This will make the space feel taller. I have chosen this almond tan color for the walls for a monochromatic look to your space. For the curtains I chose a color that is a lighter red with some orange tones. I think it would look nice if you added a mantle with a dark red stain to help the flow of the red in the room. I didnt know where the door was so I guessed. To help seperate the spaces between the office and play area how about adding a bookcase that has shelving on both sides? I also added a side table for extra toy storage in a dark red stain that matches the rug. I would add rugs to give the feeling of seperate spaces. I am not sure what styles or colors you prefer so if you would like to see somethiing different please email me with more information. Good Luck and please keep me posted.

Rachel Mallon  

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