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Hi Ben, I am remodeling a small house with 1 bathroom and I am up to painting it. I have a spot for my tropical fish tank so I'm going to have it in my bathroom.  I was thinking some kind of blue to go with the theme of the rest of the house, and I had a friend suggest Tiffany blue like the color of the Tiffany and co. box. I was just wondering what you're thoughts on this color were, and do you think it would look good in a bathroom?  Also what type of flooring would you suggest? Budget is getting kind of tight so tile is probally out of the question. I have some wood grain vinyl tile strips that i used in my kitchen, and I also have some linoleum squares that are white and light blue. Do you think I could use one of these? And if not what color linoleum should I use? I'm trying to do the whole tropical theme, so any other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks for your questions. Because color can change so much when you get it in your own light, it is always hard to consult colors, so I am going to give you three names of blue tones, all by Pittsburgh Paint. They are Ocean Dream #546-3, First Light #149-1, and Ocean Breeze #150-1. Take these three paints in the room and see what you think. All of them are a nice calming blue that will not shock your eyes when you see it on the wall. Another note: Paint your ceiling the same color and use paint your wood work (molding) a glossy white. Pittsburgh Paints can be found at any Menards type of home store. As far as flooring, cork is a great floor in the bathroom and is not over expensive, expecially sense this is a small space. If you are going to use a linoleum, try getting the "tile look-alikes" in a nice cream color...almost the color of sand!

Other ideas: Go to a Kohl's or Linen and Things are get coordinating bath accessories in a tropical look such as accessories with teek or bamboo wood in them. Use white and cream color towles and antique gold accents.

Most important, have FUN with the room!  

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