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Mr. Cottrell,
I am redecorating a small 5'x7' bathroom in a house that will eventually be put up for sale. I am going for a modern look, the sink and toilet will be white porcelain and the other fixtures will either be chrome or brushed nickel. I am going to use light wood cabinets and a clear glass shower stall. I wanted to paint the walls a very light pastel green, keeping in mind that whoever buys the house will be able to repaint them whichever color they prefer. I would like your opinion on what color, size and texture of tile would be pleasing for the present yet neutral enough not to limit someone's future paint choices. Should I use the same tile on the floor and in the shower?, if not do they need to be the same color?

Thanks, Bryan B.  

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your questions. First of all, it sounds like you have a great start! Using the information you gave me, two things came to mind.

1) White subway tile on the walls and in the shower. On the main wall you can split it up and and go 1/2 or 3/4 way up the wall.
2) Glass tiles. This will give you a more modern look and they come in many colors.

Either choice, your bathroom will show great and be a nice neutral palet to anyone who wants to change.

As always, feels free to email pictures of your completed project to anytime.

Thanks again!


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