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Hi Jenny, I am remodeling  a small house and I have a couple of questions about the bathroom. First what do you reccommend for the ceiling, I was gonna texture it (stomp it)  with compound and a texturing broom, but I heard you should leave it smooth because of water vapors and cleaning. And if i should leave it smooth what type of paint should i use?  I am also needing a suggestion on the color of paint in my bathroom, I am a regular guy and just not real good at the whole putting colors together.  I had installed in wall shelving for towels, but I ended up being able to make more shelf space for everything, and plan on using the first shelf for a tropical fish tank.  This had me thinking I should go with some kind of blue on the walls  for the whole water feel. The floor is also unfinished, but just planned on using some kind of linoleum. I know its probally tough to help with such little information, but any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You and I m no where near done with this house so I'm sure you'll hear from me again.  

Hi EJ,

Thanks for your questions about remodeling baths.  First and foremost, if you are redoing the ceiling, DON'T put a texture on it.  There are a million reasons why NOT to and only one in favor of it (and that's poor workmanship and not getting the drywall properly installed).  

Use a water-based paint, and use either a semi-gloss or a satin finish for the walls and ceilings.  

If you can splurge for something nicer than lineoleum, do so.  You may want to look into tile (and the larger, the better) or into a laminate that looks like tile.  

Write as you need to.  I'll try to help as best I can.  


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