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Our new home has a large guest bedroom with a bay window bumpout that has two large windows on the sides and a double set in the window to form the bay.  There is approximately 18" between the side sets and middle.  We have plantation shutters on the windows and I'd like something simple just to add texture to that side of the room.  My thought is to use panels on the ends and between the two sets, but am unsure of how to hang them.  I don't want a rod going all the way across the windows.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hello Joyce ,

    Oval rodding with support brackets , push-on brackets and the elbows are great for stationery side panels . Figure the with of the panel that you would like to see and have the rod width cut to fit that width . Secure the brackets with toggle bolts . Note : Oval rodding is white and about 1/2" in diameter and are slid into a rod poceket panel . If you want a wood pole and use rings , you can buy a pole -or- 2 and cut to fit the width of your panels' face width . Finished width is the actual width of the panel . Face width is the "look" of the panel "after" it is installed . The wood poles usualy come with wood brackets and should also be mounted with toggle bolts to assure a safley secured and stable Window Treatment .

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