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I'm looking for ideas for window treatments and wallpaper or paint for a smallish bedroom that my grown son uses only when he visits from Europe.  I still have to keep his many books in it, and his dresser, and bed.  The bed and dresser and desk are dark mohogany.  I'm thinking of changing over to distressed white furniture, in the near future, when he comes back to live on his own, in the US.  I would use it as a guest room, as I do now.  I need help, right now, with the windows and walls. There are three double hung windows in the room (it's an 80 year old house), with one inch red blinds on them. (The floor is wood, which I like).

I have a red and off-white quilt on the bed (looks almost old) that I LOVE, so I'll keep that.  I love the early american quilts, and that whole early american look.    Can you advise me on what to do with the window treatments and the walls?  I'd  like sheer curtains because the room is dark. I bought a window treatment to try, but it looks "Just OK"  and it's returnable. (from Country Curtains catalog). The valance is a tiny pattern in red and off-white.  I added, under it, sheer white tie backs that have a ball fringe sewn along the edges. I also bought a small square pillow that matches the valance.  I think part of the reason it doesn't look that great is maybe I should use the same curtains, but in the off-white color ,since the valance is red and off white, and so is the quil.The old light blue paint on the walls doesn't help the window treatment look good, either.  I also need advice on what to paint the walls or should I use wallpaper.  If wallpaper, what kind of pattern?  As I said, I love the simple "colonial look", and I do like the curtains I bought, but they just don't look that great..
Thanks so much for your help.

Thanks for writing and for your questions.  Based on your current situation and furniture as well as taking into account your proposed furniture changes, I'd suggest that before you do anything else, you paint the walls.  Use a lovely shade of taupe or celery green.  Either will enhance the look of the dark wood, will enliven the white-washed furniture that's coming, and coordinate with the red you've chosen for the room.

After you've done that, use sheers in off-white/ecru rather than the stark white.  Then add a solid color (red) drapery mounted "outside" the edges of the window.  This will accomplish a couple of things.  First, it will not take away any of the light coming through the window, and it will visually enlarge the size of the window.  Sheers are great, but they tend to look "unfinished" and I believe that's what is happening.  

Lastly, you can always "store" your sons books etc., in handy "under the bed" storage boxes.  


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