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Hey, i was wondering if you could help me out with my bedroom. I have the colours sugard lilac and baby pink on my walls, i am trying to get my room really girly looking but not babyish as im 19 soon. I have bought a satan bedcover in baby pink and i have a set of pink lights around the head of my bed and the bottom ( you can see in my pics ) and i have handcuffs and things around my bed also in pink. I have a four poster bed and was wondering what colour do you think i should keep my curtins around my bed? Keep them white or change it? Or just add another colour onto it, i thought pink but would my room look like to much pink? ( i love pink ) , Also my walls look bare ... i thought something like this ( ) on my walls made with fluffy fabric in the colours of my bedroom? I was going to make it myself as i have wood in my cupbored i would just need to buy fluffy fabric what do you think? I have fluffy pillows to go with them in the colours of my room also you can see a pink on in  my photo. I was also looking on ebay and came across rugs in the colour of my bed room that looked something like ( ) do you think i should buy one in baby pink and lilac for my floor? Or would this look to childish?

I also need a dressing table with a mirror but would my dressing table need to have black legs? as you can see in my pictures in my bedroom my long mirror is black my bed poles are black and i have a black tv stand which looks pritty stupid with a silver tv eh?

Is there anything i could do to glam my curtins up at my window? i was thinkin about adding another colour to the top bit that hangs down?

I also have a tiny pink fridge i was thinking about buying a playboy sticker from ebay to stick onto it to glam it up a little or would this look cheap?

And also is there anything i could add to my bed to make it more warm , cosy and girly? I also found a website that does nice things ( ) im sure they'd deliver to the uk? they do nice bedding and pillows etc. Is there like little cute transefairs i could stick on my bed to make it not look so plain?

I am thinking about buying a shelf and putting large holes in the shelf and buy a pink hairdryer and pink straighters and all my hair prodocs, stuff like that so its a bit like a hairdressers but i'd only do this if i could find a nice dressing table for my bedroom? What do you think ?
this is a pic of my bedroom
( )

Do you have any good ideas your help is very much appreciate thanks xx  

Hi Nic,

Thanks for writing and for your (Wow - a lot of) questions.  Let me see if I can answer your main concerns as I understand them.  

First of all, if you love pink that's great.  If you want to "glam" it up a bit, consider adding some black and some white rather than purple tones.  That will give you immediate impact.  

While you have some black happening, you may want to consider adding touches of black throughout the space.  One suggestion would be to keep your curtains around the bed white, but using black and white (maybe polka dot or stripe) "tie backs".  

Stick with three colors - pink, black and white, and use them over and over in the space; the bed, the rugs the curtains (as I mentioned above) and the window treatments.  Adding white in creative ways like polka dots and stripes will add a lot of pizazz to your room, and make it a little more age appropriate.

I like the idea for your hair care products - and again, stay with the color scheme.  

Look for a fluffy (over the top fluffy) rug in white for your bedside, and get or make pillows to match.  I wouldn't use stickers on anything like your furniture - they'll NEVER come off, and if you ever hate them, you'll be in a fix.  

Lastly, I'd avoid the playboy emblem, just because it's a bit ... well ... not the best choice.  Good luck to you!  


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