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hi-  i am moving into a new appartment with my boyfriend and i am decorating our bedroom!  I am clueless as to where I can look for good pictures to get ideas of what i want... I have purchased a gold tone bedding sheet set and I do not know what color I should think about for the duvet on top to accent the gold sheets?  I know accross the color wheel from gold are mostly violets..   The room has white walls and i light biege carpeting....  If you could give me any ideas about color combining or anything else that would be great!  Thank you!  

If you are looking for inspiration the Dulux website has a great facility, click on the inspirations tab, then click on real rooms and at the bottom of the page click on the ' start your project online & paint with confidence' then click on paint a virtual room or
copy that address into the address bar.
Colours that go best with gold are darker reds, creams and maybe a light chocolate colour, but also all of these colours go together aswell.
I personally would not put violet with it, but at the end of the day it depends on your personal style and taste.
After all it is you that has to live with it.
If your into neutral colours then the gold would look good with a light chocolate which also ties with the beige and white, but if it was depth and colour you wanted i would go for a semi deep red.
But also if you wanted a light airy and almost roman look i would suggest an ivory or cream maybe in a marble effect so the gold is the only hint of colour in the room, as long as you incorporate some gold ornaments too.
I hope i have helped.
Any more questions just give me a message im always here.
Good luck with your room.


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