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I am a 20 year old, female and I currently live in my parents' house. My bedroom is kind of small and it's in the basement so I only have one tiny window towards the top of my wall. We just moved to this house so I have bare walls (white) and an ugly beige-ish carpet that my parents don't want to replace. Should I get a carpet the size of my room to cover the current one or just ignore the ugliness?  =D

I want my bedroom to look chic but somewhat playful. If you have ever seen the inside of urban outfitters, that kind of style is very "me". I was originally thinking I would paint my walls burnt orange because I have really fallen in love with that color but after checking out a lot of pictures of orange rooms of the net, it's seems like a burnt orange will make my room look small and a little gloomy. So I was thinking that a juicy orange color might be a good, vibrant choice. What do you think? I want my room to be energizing but I don't want it to look like a clown's room, haha. Also if I do go for orange walls, should I leave the baseboards and the ceiling white? I donít want to paint different walls different shades of orange because I just think it sounds odd. But, maybe I could have some combo of orange and white walls or orange and another vibrant color?

Finally, can you recommend some colors for my bedroom furnishings? I have a lot of vintage-y feeling pieces from my family (a great tall lamp and this antique couch) so I should go with that. My bed currently has a simple white comforter so I can get any sort of duvet cover and accent pillows that you recommend.

Overall, I just want my room to feel energetic and funky without crossing over into silliness or being too perfectly matched. I'm open to anything you could recommend especially ideas for a college student on a budget.

Thanks a million! Sorry this was so long.

PS: Autumn is my favorite season and I love burnt orange, brown, cherry red, maroon, golden yellows and greens so if you think thereís a way to paint my walls using this color scheme instead of the brighter one I talked about above, I would be open to that. I just donít want my room to feel gloomy.

Orange is a fun, funky color, but it I fear it would make the basement too gloomy.  Consider using a yellow instead.  Yellow's tend to reflect light, and it will certainly make the walls much cheerier.    As for your furnishings, I'd consider using darker colors - to contrast with the walls.  (Leaving the carpet as is, and the ceiling white, you'll need darker pieces to contrast.)  

If you can, work in the orange that you love so much in throw pillows or throws for the bed.  Red - also in the orange color family will work well with the yellow walls and even your white comforter.  Throw pillows, rugs, throws are all easy to change as your mood changes, and are less expensive pieces to change about.  

All of your favorite colors will work in this scheme without being "matchy".  Keep the wood trim and the ceiling white.  Add some black or dark brown wood somewhere in the space, and you'll be loving your room.


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