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Hi! I have moved my queen size bed (65 1/2"w x 85"L with mission slat headboard and footboard) to a corner diagonally, thinking it would look romantic with one of those mosquito net canopies above it.  I haven't gone out to buy the canopy because I'm not sure if the bed is just too big to do be in this position in the room.  The room is 14'6 L (E to W) x 13'4 w (N to S). On top of that, what do you do with the wasted space behind the bed?  I can't have my regular night table beside me now because of the angle.  I could purchase some small stands, you know the kind with wrought iron legs and mosaic top or something.  I need some form of lamp to read by a night also, but that probably wouldn't fit on a small stand. I do have sockets on either side of the bed now, so thats good.  We have 1 large dresser (64W x 21D)and chest of drawers (38 1/2 W x 19D) as well as a secretary (30W x 16D) in the room also.  Two windows(1East,1South), 1 closet door (West side of room). Should I just give it up and put the bed back against a wall?
Any ideas?    Thanks for any help you can give!

Hi Rosemary,

Thanks for writing and for your question.  While your room is a good size for a bedroom, your bed may be too large to be angled in the space and still allow all the other furniture you describe.  

When you angle a bed in a corner (and I love that look) you have - in design terms created a new "invisible" wall - meaning that it cries for other furniture pieces to be angled as well.  

The space behind your headboard can be filled with a lovely silk or live tree that is uplit from beneath.  It's also a great opportunity for some storage for infrequently used items.  Your lighting needs for reading can be addressed with either swing arm lamps on either side of the bed, or buffet lamps which are traditionally taller than bedside table lamps.  Worst case, clip lights or "itty bitty book lights" can be used.

When I sketched out your space (and assuming the entry to the room is on the north wall) it seems to me that you have enough useable space to angle the bed between the east and south walls (a window would then be on either side), the dresser would fit on the north wall, the chest of drawers on the south wall near the corner of the room (perhaps at an angle also) and the secretary would sit on the west wall.

Try arranging the room, see if you like it, and then make a decision.  Change is difficult, but a part of life.  You must remember that you don't have to keep your furniture arrangements the same forever.  Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest differences in how we view our space.

Good luck to you.

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