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My mom made a very bold quilt for my guest bedroom - black, white and red and very modern/abstract looking.  Thr trouble is that when you walk into that room, your eyes won't let you leave the bed.  That room already had pale blue walls, so it will need painting.  There is a window the width of the bed above the head of the bed with wide white plantation blinds.  
Other furniture:
comfortable wicker chair in the corner
two very small iron night stands on either side of bed  

What to should I do to keep bed from screaming "look at me!"?
I had thought of the following solution:
1) big red matching chinese lanterns for hanging lights above the bed on the left & right
2) light gray walls
3) black framed, white matted nature paintings of singular red flowers other than roses (too cliche)
4) bold cushion on wicker chair?
5) red bedskirt instead of the current black one, to guide eyes down to floor

Ack, the room is just going to be so crazy looking if I overdo the color on the walls, lamps, etc. It's so tempting to get carried away with the red/black/white theme.

Dear Amy,
Send a picture of this quilt to  Now in a bedroom the focal point is always the bed so it is good that the eye is drawn to the bed; however we need to tone down your quilt's "look at me" factor in a subtle way.  That means no matching lanterns, no paintings and no bold cushion.   The red bedskirt might be a possibility, though and your instinct is right on in terms of repainting the walls a light gray color.
Once I see the photo of the quilt we'll from from there.


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