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QUESTION: I have a four wall den area with brick on three of the walls half way up.  I want it to feel like a pub/bar area.  what color do you suggest?

ANSWER: hello,
if you're asking about painting the brick i would suggest leaving it brick. if the brick is already painted you may want to use a wire brush or a similar tool and rough it up a little to make it looked aged. you may even paint multiple layers of different colors. each layer makes it look that much older. if you're set on painting the brick fully then i would stick to an earth tone so at least it has somewhat of a natural feel. my walls are plaster with a lot of texture. i find that earth tones look more appropriate on them. it's a similar thing with the brick. after you decide what to do with the brick you can base the upper wall color on that. i hope that helps. cheers!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I should have been more clear. I love the brick.  it is over 100 years old and came from a old hotel in casper wy.  it is predomently brick red with brows and blacks. I want to paint the upper parts of the wall.  I had a person sugest painting the celing?  that scares me though..

the suggestion to paint the ceiling is a great idea. it really gives a room a finished look BUT i would use white paint with just a little of the wall color mixed in for this job. about the wall color....the complement to red is green. you could use a deep forest green to really capture the pub feel. if you're looking for a lighter color then maybe a light sage or olive. since the brick has browns and blacks in it you could also use chocolate brown or any dark beige. the color of the floor should be taken in to consideration as well. a very small can of paint is not that expensive so i would do a few brush out tests to see what you like. that's what will matter in the end anyway.

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