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Hello.  I have serious color issues.  I have just recently completed decorating my home.  I looked around and found every room had burgundy, green shades, and browns.  All the trim in my house is white.

My bedroom is painted terracotta with the above accents (pale green drapes).  My kitchen is painted a dark turquoise with the above accents and white curtains. One spare bedroom is painted dark cranberry with the above accents and cranberry, pale green, and brown drapes. The other spare bedroom is painted blue with yellow and peach accents and blue drapes ( I wanted something different.  It doesn't fit the rest of the house now.  

I have painted my living room three times.  The first color was golden ecru, the second was peach, and now it is celery.  I hated all three colors.  My sofa is cranberry.  The accent chairs are beige and tapestry print.  The furniture is dark.  

The furniture in all but the blue room ( that is white) is mostly dark woods.  I have lots of artificial plants to add interest.  I love plants.

I like a clean and organized home.

Here is my problem.  How do I add punch to each room while keeping it different? What color should I paint my living room so that it will blend in with turquoise, cranberry and pale violet (the second bathroom)

I am at my wits end.  Please help if you can.

Thank you.

Hi Diana,  Thanks for writing.  Now, take a long deep breath.  I can offer some suggestions.  First, let me tell you that all trim being white is normal.  All built-in trim in a home should be the same color.  While it isn't really a "rule", its a good rule of thumb.  

It sounds as though you tried to "color sculpt" your house by repeating colors over and over from room to room, and that's really what I tend to recommend to do-it-yourselfers who don't know where to start to coordinate their environment.  You obviously want something different now, and that's fine.  You can color sculpt with different colors as long as you keep the intensity (hue value) of the color the same from room to room, i.e., pale violet in one room doesn't sculpt well with dark cranberry in another, but would work well with a pale cranberry paired with it.  

For your living room, I'd suggest a neutral shade of taupe (my favorite is Glidden's Toasty Grey).  This will go great with everything you have going on in the other rooms.  To that wall color you'll have your dark furniture and the punch of color you'll have there is your sofa in cranberry.  (The alternative suggestion is to use a green, but you said you used celery and hated it.  Perhaps a more mid-range green would please you more.)

In the turquoise space, add a touch of cranberry and a touch of taupe.  In your cranberry space, add a touch of turquoise and a touch of taupe.  

When you do "touches" of color, that gives the room a jolt and life.  Too many colors just gets confusing to the eye.  If you work in multiples of odd numbers, you're probably going to be happier with the results.    

Bottom line, it's only paint.  Don't lose your "wits" over paint.  

Hope this helps you.


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