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Decorating & Furniture/buying all-new furniture, what goes well with dark wood floors?


Hi Benjamin,
I'm moving in to an apartment soon and although I can't do
anything about the cabinets or floor color, I'd like to attempt to
go for a modern and unique look. I have white cabinets and
appliances and a dark cherry wood floor for the kitchen and
living area. The bedroom's carpet and walls are an offwhite
color. The main wall of the apartment and living room is brick. I
can send pictures if you'd like. I like all bright colors like red,
blue, or green and black or white for a sleek look. I'd be very
grateful if you could help me with what color of wood furniture I
should buy and any other advice you have. Thanks!


Thanks for writing.

Sounds like a unique place with the brick! With the cherry floors, you may want to stick to rod iron and glass for things such as end and coffee table. This will give you that tru modern look.

For furniture, you may want to try something like black leather and then throw in accent colors such as red in the pillows and accessory pieces. If a more colorfull pallet, try sticking with the cool pastel colors that are out there right now, such as pale ski blues, aqua pale greens, and light creams. Look in any furniture store in the "urban loft" section for ideas. Also look at for inspiration.

Go with straight lined furniture and window treatments to keep with the contemporary/modern theme.

As far as the bedroom, this may be an excellent area to bring in more wood. Again, keep with straight lined furniture. A cherry or mahogany wood world look great in the bedroom and keep consistancy to the wood in the rest of the house.

Good luck and don't hesitat to write back if you have pending questions.


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