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I'm 38 and interested in changing careers.  I've dabbled in decorating since I was 14.  What does it take to break into the field professionaly?  What credientials would be required?     Is 38  too old to try to enter the field?  
I am thinking of taking an online correspondce course.  Would that,in your opinion be a good place to start?  Also, do you  know of any reputable institutions that offer such courses?
Thank you for your time.

Thanks for writing.  First of all, 38 is a great age, and none too old to change careers.  It's taxing though, I'll assure you of that.  Here's the reality.  The correspondence courses are good.  The fact that you have some inate talent bodes well for you.  If you've kept any sort of pictorial of things you've decorated or done, that will be most helpful.  Befores and afters are best.  

The most reputable school that I'm aware of is in Tampa - the Interior Design Institute.  I'm sure a search online will include them.

Interior Designers have a 4 year college degree in a related field or in interior design.  Without that, you'll never be recognized as a designer.  A decorator on the other hand is one who decorates, and most anyone can call themselves that with training, and the ability to back that up.

If you're interested, keep in mind that it's a business, and you absolutely MUST have a good business acumen and work ethic.  It won't be easy, but if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen.

If you can work with someone (a designer perhaps) for a while until you have a block of experience, you'll be better off.  Hope I haven't discouraged your talent or desire.  Go for it.


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